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Tips for a Cruise- 5 Things to Think About if It’s Your First Cruise

Packing and Other Tips for a Cruise

Cruise ships, in general, will be as secure as or safer than almost all modes of travel, but for the first timer here are some tips for a cruise. In case you are arranging a cruise on any one of the wonderful cruise lines such as Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Ships, Disney or Carnival Cruise Lines, we begin by providing you with five tips for a cruise that will help you truly enjoy your experience.

When your cruise is in the beginning stages, check using the Center for Disease Control. That is one of many groups that  rank cruise lines with reference to their safety and overall health.  There was a time when it was nearly a situation of “what happens on board stays on board”; at present laws are coming into existence requiring the reporting of all incidents.  Consumers will also give  personal reviews on the internet, so by reading these additional information about your potential cruise line might be discerned.

Our Tips for a Cruise Starts When You’re Packing

1. Leave valuables at home. Many people have admittance to your cabin, and every compartment will have a safe.  I would advocate storing those less valuable items there, as these safes typically contain bypass codes.  If you really have to bring objects that would lead to a serious calamity if lost, use the ships safe.  You can retrieve your valuables from there if you need to, plus they will be safer than if in your cabin’s safe.

2. Good common sense. Most crime on cruises is property crime, so as with every public place if you aren’t vigilant with your belongings they could be taken.  The relaxed mood of your cruise, on the other hand, is going to sometimes make you  drop your guard.  Also, be diligent about walking away from disagreements or fights as well as never giving out your personal information to strangers.  Simply common sense stuff.

3. Don’t play around and fall overboard. This security precaution perhaps should not have to be said, nevertheless keep everything within the vessel when at sea.  It infrequently happens, however nearly everybody who fall off a cruise ship are never recovered, and it is almost always attributable to stupidity.

Your First Cruise: A Complete Guide to Planning and Attaining the Perfect Cruise Vacation

Your First Cruise: A Complete Guide to Planning and Attaining the Perfect Cruise Vacation

4. Watch your alcohol consumption. Most accidental injuries from falls take place when an innocent traveler has too much to drink.  In addition, women especially, must take care not to leave their drinks unattended, or accept drinks from people you do not know, as they may be tainted.

5. Shore excursions. Cruising wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without experiencing shore excursions at your ports-of-call, but the cruise line will not guarantee that you will not contact food poisoning, so our final tips for a cruise is as with any location where you are in unfamiliar surroundings, you’ve got to be observant.

On several of our cruises, we have taken a ship-sponsored excursion during the morning, subsequently when we’ve got our bearings a bit and have asked the excursion conductor plenty of questions (they most likely feel too many, but that is what they are there for), after that we explore later in the day.  Allow yourself time for getting back on the ship; as if you do not it gets expensive to catch up.

One last remark to include for cruises: don’t be shy about reporting suspicious goings-on to one of the ship’s officers.  True, it is probably nothing, nevertheless with the unusual instance of a problematic situation, it may be very significant.  But remember, whether you’re using Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruises, or a Caribbean Cruise, these pointers aren’t intended to bring about any fear while cruising, but merely a reminder to be vigilant.

There are many cruises leaving from Florida’s east coast that you should check out, and a European cruises are now a great bargain you should check out.  Take a look at a couple of articles, one on saving money when you fly and another on reducing stress when you travel.

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