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Frequent Flyer Packages

Should You Sign Up for Frequent Flyer Packages?

There are numerous ways that travelers are able to save money, and many of them go unnoticed.  One of these can be a variety of frequent flyer packages which are offered by various airlines, and you do not have to become a jet-setter to take advantage of them.  Since their inception in 1972 by United Airlines they have grown into a gigantic industry, with people who aren’t actually frequent flyers taking advantage of them.

The plan was started as an incentive for travelers to fly a particular airline, and had been born in a period when air carriers were being regulated.  There wasn’t a great deal of incentive then to use a specific airline aside from whenever a flight was available.  For example, if you needed to be in New York by noon on Monday, you took any airline that might get you there at that point in time.  The Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 kicked off the change in how we would look to purchase our airline tickets, when price grew to become a more significant factor.  But air carriers found that frequent flyer plans were still a selling point, and business travelers loved them because they could fly on company expense but make use of the frequent flyer miles as being a tax-free perk.

What Should You Be Looking For?

So how can the normal vacation tourist take advantage of frequent flyer miles offered by their most used airline?  When choosing who to use, contemplate the following:

1.    Programs offer special advantages, so settle on what program fits your requirements best.  Should you be just an occasional traveler, check the program’s mileage expiration.  Many of the larger air carriers have no ending date while discount carriers will often cancel your miles after a period of time, perhaps one year of non-use.

2.    Consider links to charge cards.  Just about all airlines have a relationship with banks or bank card companies that when you use them you build up your frequent flyer miles.  The way you may use a specific card ought to factor into that card you choose.  Many among the major carriers will let you reserve places to stay and purchase groceries with the card, consequently building miles even when you’re not flying.

Once you’ve started accumulating some points, here are a few things to think about as you are looking to redeem them:

1.    Book your extended flights using points.  The comparative savings you will realize on a longer trip will give you more value than the shorter flight for a similar number of points.

2.    Think about using points to upgrade.  Particularly on the longer flights, it is possible to frequently improve value by upgrading the flight to business class or first class and pay a reduced fare for a base ticket.

3.    Keep track of the points.  When they are about to expire, plan your trips prudently to cash in as opposed to risking losing them.



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