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Discounts on Hotels- Here Are Numerous Ways to Cut Costs

Check Out These Ways to Find Discounts on Hotels

When it comes to finding the least pricey ways to travel, there are methods to cut costs on lodgings.  Discounts on hotels are out there; you just have to look.  It may shock some people to know that even while you search for things you can do in Orlando, there are always bargains to find.   The following are a few ways that the budget-conscious traveler may cut a corners:

1.    Check out member groups in the event you qualify, that you may get discounted rates at some hotels through.  In addition, certain professions, for instance armed forces personnel or teachers, and let’s say you work for some nonprofit establishment, is going to give a discount.  One chain, in particular, provides a minimum 10% reduction for anyone 55 or older.

2.    When you go can make a big difference in what you will shell out.  Off-season for the Caribbean is the summer, while off-season in the northern states or Europe will be the winter.  Should you go against pattern, you will find savings to be had.

3.    Incorporating the web will cost you less money on motel and hotel accommodations, but you must be familiar with where to look.  Priceline offers some outstanding bargains, but be aware they often come with caveats, like non-refundable or non-transferable bookings.

4.    By thinking outside the box, travelers may save a lot of money.  Independent inns or small bed and breakfast accommodations can frequently be an excellent price when a breakfast is included.  Look for these independent lodgings in guidebooks and local Chambers of Commerce at your desired location.  Vacation rentals can offer significant savings, and sometimes can be found at internet sites such as HomeAway.

5.    There are occasions when it is appropriate to diplomatically negotiate a room rate.  If it is framed right, such as “your rate is somewhat over what I am budgeted to pay.  Would it be possible to drop the rate by 15%?”  The worst that may take place is they say “no”.  You might observe the parking lot, and when it’s late and the lot is partially full, it might provide you with some additional influence.  But leave your bags in the car.  You will not want to seem too eager to stay there.

6.    Look beyond the large hotels, unless you can already get good rates through one of the chains.  Independently owned small hotels and hostels often can be found if you want to take time to investigate.

7.    There are numerous discount coupon and voucher companies both in print and online which will cost you less money on not just hotel accommodations, but just about all aspects of travel.  Yahoo has a coupons section that  offers links to local and online coupon distributors.

8.    If your travel plans are flexible, you can frequently reap the benefits of last-minute specials.

When combined with senior citizen discounts, people of this age group may find added discount rates that can frequently be utilized in conjunction with some of the discounts talked about above.  It will  take some searching on the internet or in newspapers to locate them, but they’re there and they’re going to save you a great deal of money.



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