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Things to do in Florida

Spring Training Baseball in Florida

Trivia Questions Spring Training Baseball

Spring training baseball is an important part of life in Arizona and Florida throughout the fading winter days.  Although spring training games have been happening almost as long as there has been major league baseball, these sports event have taken on more interest every year.  Possibly because there are more retirees living in Florida and Arizona currently who come out and watch these games, attendance records are being set virtually every year, and it now is estimated that the Cactus League (Arizona spring training) brings in $300 million a year in economic impact for the larger Phoenix Metro Area.

Check Your Knowledge of Spring Training Baseball with this Trivia

So to check your knowledge of the growing pastime for this region of our country, let’s have a look at how you are able to do with some spring training trivia.

1.    How many states currently have spring training baseball within the United States?  Just two at present, but that always was not true.  Presently Arizona and Florida host fifteen teams each, the only two states which have baseball in the spring.

2.    When did spring training games begin?  It initially kicked off within the 1890s, and by 1910 most baseball teams had gotten into the act.

3.    Did baseball teams always carry out spring training in Arizona and Florida?  In the beginning they trained in a variety of places.  For example, the Pittsburgh Pirates trained in Honolulu, Hawaii for a time, the Brooklyn Dodgers trained in Cuba and the Dominican Republic during the 1940s as did the Yankees in the 50s.  Preparation and games were also conducted in Puerto Rico and northern Mexico.  California became popular as well before major league baseball reached the state in 1958.

4.    Was spring training suspended during World War II?  Never fully suspended, however the majority had abbreviated schedules.  And in order to conserve the burden on the rail system with the war effort, they moved the training sites closer to their respective cities.  This meant that the entire spring training was accomplished in an area north from the Ohio River and east from the Mississippi River.

5.    Who was given recognition for starting the Cactus League in Arizona?  That would go to that loveable maverick and past baseball club owner Bill Veeck.  As per his autobiography, after he witnessed a racist incidence in Orlando, Florida which upset him, later when he bought the Cleveland Indians he decided to buck tradition and conduct spring training in Tucson, Arizona.  He subsequently convinced the New York Giants to move to Phoenix, as a result starting the present-day Cactus League.

If you’re vacationing in Florida during the end of February and virtually all March, there are many places to go to watch some baseball.  It is just one more great thing to do as you holiday in Florida, and at the time when you have had enough with the snow and cold weather living in the north.  I hope you learned merely a small amount more about the history of this really American rite of spring.

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Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens Amusement Park- One not to be Missed

I have written quite a bit on things to do in Orlando, Florida, and there is certainly enough to keep tourists busy there for weeks. However, I’d like to bring up another excellent park only about an hour west of Disney World. Busch Garden in Tampa ranks with any of the best theme parks in Orlando you will visit, and has some different variations that you might not find in Orlando’s great parks. A short description of the park might be that it is a zoo with more than 2700 animals, and also having excellent roller coaster rides.

As with any park, it will come to the attractions that are going to draw visitors, and the lineup at Busch Garden is excellent. It has six thrill rides, with Cheetah Hunt probably the most popular. It is their newest roller coaster experience with speeds approaching 60 miles per hour. Others are:

Jungle Flyers
Wild Surge
Congo River Rapids

Next will be the shows, and these will include holiday and seasonal shows, with a couple, A is for Africa and Critter Castaway which are year around. These shows are obviously very family oriented (in other words targeting children), but are really enjoyable and entertaining. They have three shows for Christmas, and they are all rated very well with the ice skating show the must-see option.

The Exclusive Park Experiences will include a safari where you will be able to get close to such animals as zebras, giraffes and ostriches in an open truck. There are also tours by guides who know every inch of the park and can impart massive amounts of knowledge on the animals living there. Also, with the guide you will be able to get front-line access to most of the major rides.

Speaking generally about the park, it is very large, or at least seems to be. We would give it very high marks on cleanliness, and the staff is professional and courteous, although I don’t think to the level of Disney employees. In a recent change in policy, outside food and drinks are no longer allowed in the park.

Busch Garden’s parks were originally developed as a marketing vehicle for Anheuser-Busch products, and until 2009 featured hospitality houses with their products, including free beer. There were also stables housing the company’s Clydesdale horses, a symbol of the company since 1933. In October 2009 Busch Properties were sold to The Blackstone Group for $2.7 billion. This marked the end to the resident Clydesdales and, unfortunately, the free beer.

On our Best Orlando site we have outstanding combination packages with Busch Garden and Sea World, since they are under the same ownership umbrella. This ticket is to two of the best theme parks in all of Florida, combining the best of land (Busch Garden) and sea (Sea World). As of now, a one-day ticket for each park would cost $110 for adults, $105 for young children. From Orlando, you can easily get to Busch Garden and back and see most everything you want to see.

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