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Best Kids Cruises- Which Cruise Line Rates as Best for Youngsters

The Best Kids Cruises that Cater to Families

Disney Wonder is One of Four Disney Ships

In trying to rank the best kids cruises, the most prominent cruise lines have had to make a intensive effort to cater to families. The marketplace for cruising keeping the entire family in mind is huge, and Princess Cruises, Disney, Carnival and Royal Caribbean have all built a lot of their advertising and marketing around products to cater to cruise lines for families. So let us explore what some of the distinctions are, and obviously it will eventually come down to personal choice, but that should be knowledge-based.

So here is how we would rank the best cruise lines for kids, merely based on personal services without factoring in expenses.  Many will leave from east coast of Florida cities, so you can couple a cruise with many of the things to do there.

Disney Tops the List of Best Kids Cruises

1. Disney Cruises. Not simply because we are Disney folks, but we believe there’s more for kids than the others. This is no surprise, as Disney has built its reputation and knowledge around families; it has developed its model to make it a cruise line for youths-friendly experience. A few factors it can provide which are exclusive Disney are its character breakfasts and parades with many of the Disney characters, as well as Castaway Cay, its own private island in the Caribbean that their cruise ship stops at. There the entire family can swim, snorkel and boat within the Castaway Family Beach. Rates for Disney cruises will tend to be somewhat higher.

Insight Guides Caribbean Cruises

Insight Guides Caribbean Cruises

2. Carnival Cruises. It doesn’t equal Disney with the identifiable characters and Disney ambiance, but it will rank with older children as the best kids cruises. Climbing walls, miniature golf, basketball courts, and teen discos are among the amenities of these floating cities which are Carnival cruises. Also, they’re the one cruise line that lets kids age 12 to 17 take part in shore excursions as independent groups.

3. Norwegian Cruises. In 2010 Norwegian cruises introduced a collaboration together with Nickelodeon, therefore making it a participant being a cruise line for children. Norwegian’s Kids’ Crew program will bring the Nick-themed essentials into their amusement package, together with an additional facet for older kids being the Epic Plunge, a three story water slide, the only one of its type at sea.

4. Princess Cruises. Forever with a status as being family responsive, although not to the standards of Disney as being family friendly, Princess cruises offers a wonderful junior agenda. Many people have shown a partiality for it just because it is not entirely packed with children, offering added consideration towards the individual than a few of the others.

5. Royal Caribbean Cruises. Teaming with Shrek and DreamWorks Animation, one can find Royal Caribbean to have somewhat more of a movie theme to its entertainment. Film-themed games and DreamWorks Animation movies in 3D will be a component with the entertainment existing on Royal Caribbean cruises.

As you can observe, when selecting the cruise line best for your family, much will be determined by what you are searching for, as Disney cruises, Carnival, Princess cruises and the remainder have their unique niche. By spending a while researching and finding a good cruise guide, many of your cruise inquiries for best kids cruises as well as others will be quickly clarified.  Look at our page on Tips for a Cruise for more useful information, as well as Cruise in Europe 2012 for why now is the time to book a cruise.


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Tips for a Cruise- 5 Things to Think About if It’s Your First Cruise

Packing and Other Tips for a Cruise

Cruise ships, in general, will be as secure as or safer than almost all modes of travel, but for the first timer here are some tips for a cruise. In case you are arranging a cruise on any one of the wonderful cruise lines such as Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Ships, Disney or Carnival Cruise Lines, we begin by providing you with five tips for a cruise that will help you truly enjoy your experience.

When your cruise is in the beginning stages, check using the Center for Disease Control. That is one of many groups that  rank cruise lines with reference to their safety and overall health.  There was a time when it was nearly a situation of “what happens on board stays on board”; at present laws are coming into existence requiring the reporting of all incidents.  Consumers will also give  personal reviews on the internet, so by reading these additional information about your potential cruise line might be discerned.

Our Tips for a Cruise Starts When You’re Packing

1. Leave valuables at home. Many people have admittance to your cabin, and every compartment will have a safe.  I would advocate storing those less valuable items there, as these safes typically contain bypass codes.  If you really have to bring objects that would lead to a serious calamity if lost, use the ships safe.  You can retrieve your valuables from there if you need to, plus they will be safer than if in your cabin’s safe.

2. Good common sense. Most crime on cruises is property crime, so as with every public place if you aren’t vigilant with your belongings they could be taken.  The relaxed mood of your cruise, on the other hand, is going to sometimes make you  drop your guard.  Also, be diligent about walking away from disagreements or fights as well as never giving out your personal information to strangers.  Simply common sense stuff.

3. Don’t play around and fall overboard. This security precaution perhaps should not have to be said, nevertheless keep everything within the vessel when at sea.  It infrequently happens, however nearly everybody who fall off a cruise ship are never recovered, and it is almost always attributable to stupidity.

Your First Cruise: A Complete Guide to Planning and Attaining the Perfect Cruise Vacation

Your First Cruise: A Complete Guide to Planning and Attaining the Perfect Cruise Vacation

4. Watch your alcohol consumption. Most accidental injuries from falls take place when an innocent traveler has too much to drink.  In addition, women especially, must take care not to leave their drinks unattended, or accept drinks from people you do not know, as they may be tainted.

5. Shore excursions. Cruising wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without experiencing shore excursions at your ports-of-call, but the cruise line will not guarantee that you will not contact food poisoning, so our final tips for a cruise is as with any location where you are in unfamiliar surroundings, you’ve got to be observant.

On several of our cruises, we have taken a ship-sponsored excursion during the morning, subsequently when we’ve got our bearings a bit and have asked the excursion conductor plenty of questions (they most likely feel too many, but that is what they are there for), after that we explore later in the day.  Allow yourself time for getting back on the ship; as if you do not it gets expensive to catch up.

One last remark to include for cruises: don’t be shy about reporting suspicious goings-on to one of the ship’s officers.  True, it is probably nothing, nevertheless with the unusual instance of a problematic situation, it may be very significant.  But remember, whether you’re using Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruises, or a Caribbean Cruise, these pointers aren’t intended to bring about any fear while cruising, but merely a reminder to be vigilant.

There are many cruises leaving from Florida’s east coast that you should check out, and a European cruises are now a great bargain you should check out.  Take a look at a couple of articles, one on saving money when you fly and another on reducing stress when you travel.

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Best Time to Cruise, Look to Reserve Off-Peak

What Time of Year Will be the Best Time to Cruise

To find the best time to cruise, think first about when cruise lines will need to do everything they can to fill their cabins.  Based on time of year you happen to be reserving your cruise is going to go far  to decide the place you wish to go.  One might take a cruise ship to nearly all areas around the globe at the present, but only during certain times in the year.  What will affect your timing is going to very much influence what time of year might be your optimum time to set sail.

Best Time to Cruise Will Be Broken Down Into Their Seasons

Cruise areas are broken down into peak season, or high demand, moderate demand, or shoulder season, and low season.  As cruising through the years is becoming additionally popular, particularly with families, our summer months have become a peak demand time no matter wherever the cruise will be.  Therefore if families are arranging a cruise for peak times, they should reserve as early on as possible, because every ship has a restricted quantity of cabins that can accommodate three individuals or greater.

Caribbean by Cruise Ship

Caribbean by Cruise Ship

More values will likely be found in the shoulder or low seasons.  The best time to cruise for several locations have only in-season pricing.  Examples of this will be the Baltic Sea and Northern Europe.  Another feature which has become commonplace is the reduction of the low season in several areas.  Cruise lines have merely repositioned their ships to places of greater attraction during that time, resulting in a slight set-back for the traveler looking for additional values.

Three Areas and Their Best Time to Cruise

Listed here are three of the most popular cruise destinations (for me as well), and their high and low seasons:

1.    Mediterranean.  Despite the fact that it might get very hot and extremely crowded, particularly within the southern Mediterranean from Egypt to the Canary Islands, their high season will be May to September.  A cruise in Europe has become a very popular vacation spot for school holiday season, and ships for every style for all budgets are within this area.  Keep in mind that the ports are generally rather small, so there is going to be crowds.

Their low season is winter, and it may be a good time to go to this fascinating region.  The weather remains comfortable and also the crowds will be gone.  This is a great time for taking a tripin the Mediterranean, and the cruise lines should be making this more of a year-round cruising getaway.

2.    Northern Europe.  Their high season will be June to August, and it will be a great time to go to this excellent region at this time of year.  The metropolitan areas that cater for the cruise lines will be very active with interesting tour excursions, and also the folks are outdoors to make up for the lengthy winters.  In summer season it may be light out for 18 hours or perhaps more.

Their low and shoulder season will be early June and September, and it can be striking with the foliage turning.  But the weather can be quite a bit more temperamental.  And, of course rates are going to be lower.

3.    The Caribbean.  The longer high season makes this a cruising destination a well-liked one which many people have accomplished no less than once.  They are February through mid-April, late June to August, along with Christmas and New Year’s Holidays.  There are plenty of alternatives to select from at these times, but you will probably be hard-pressed to get many bargains.  You can save money, of course if it is possible to take a car to one of several ports servicing cruise ships such as Tampa, Mobile, New Orleans, Galveston as well as the eastern part of Florida.

Low season will be post holiday January, late April and May, and September up until the holiday season.  This is a good time to cruise, but you’ll be in hurricane season until November 1.  The crowds will be less, and the potential for bargains at its peak.


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