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Best Time to Cruise, Look to Reserve Off-Peak

What Time of Year Will be the Best Time to Cruise

To find the best time to cruise, think first about when cruise lines will need to do everything they can to fill their cabins.  Based on time of year you happen to be reserving your cruise is going to go far  to decide the place you wish to go.  One might take a cruise ship to nearly all areas around the globe at the present, but only during certain times in the year.  What will affect your timing is going to very much influence what time of year might be your optimum time to set sail.

Best Time to Cruise Will Be Broken Down Into Their Seasons

Cruise areas are broken down into peak season, or high demand, moderate demand, or shoulder season, and low season.  As cruising through the years is becoming additionally popular, particularly with families, our summer months have become a peak demand time no matter wherever the cruise will be.  Therefore if families are arranging a cruise for peak times, they should reserve as early on as possible, because every ship has a restricted quantity of cabins that can accommodate three individuals or greater.

Caribbean by Cruise Ship

Caribbean by Cruise Ship

More values will likely be found in the shoulder or low seasons.  The best time to cruise for several locations have only in-season pricing.  Examples of this will be the Baltic Sea and Northern Europe.  Another feature which has become commonplace is the reduction of the low season in several areas.  Cruise lines have merely repositioned their ships to places of greater attraction during that time, resulting in a slight set-back for the traveler looking for additional values.

Three Areas and Their Best Time to Cruise

Listed here are three of the most popular cruise destinations (for me as well), and their high and low seasons:

1.    Mediterranean.  Despite the fact that it might get very hot and extremely crowded, particularly within the southern Mediterranean from Egypt to the Canary Islands, their high season will be May to September.  A cruise in Europe has become a very popular vacation spot for school holiday season, and ships for every style for all budgets are within this area.  Keep in mind that the ports are generally rather small, so there is going to be crowds.

Their low season is winter, and it may be a good time to go to this fascinating region.  The weather remains comfortable and also the crowds will be gone.  This is a great time for taking a tripin the Mediterranean, and the cruise lines should be making this more of a year-round cruising getaway.

2.    Northern Europe.  Their high season will be June to August, and it will be a great time to go to this excellent region at this time of year.  The metropolitan areas that cater for the cruise lines will be very active with interesting tour excursions, and also the folks are outdoors to make up for the lengthy winters.  In summer season it may be light out for 18 hours or perhaps more.

Their low and shoulder season will be early June and September, and it can be striking with the foliage turning.  But the weather can be quite a bit more temperamental.  And, of course rates are going to be lower.

3.    The Caribbean.  The longer high season makes this a cruising destination a well-liked one which many people have accomplished no less than once.  They are February through mid-April, late June to August, along with Christmas and New Year’s Holidays.  There are plenty of alternatives to select from at these times, but you will probably be hard-pressed to get many bargains.  You can save money, of course if it is possible to take a car to one of several ports servicing cruise ships such as Tampa, Mobile, New Orleans, Galveston as well as the eastern part of Florida.

Low season will be post holiday January, late April and May, and September up until the holiday season.  This is a good time to cruise, but you’ll be in hurricane season until November 1.  The crowds will be less, and the potential for bargains at its peak.


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