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Avoid Stress While Traveling to Have a Better Vacation

5 Ways to Help Avoiding Stress While Traveling

The excitement of exploring new places and the comfort level of going back to someplace familiar is one of the great joys of life. But stress also takes a person out of his comfort zone, and is a constant companion of travel, even the for the most experienced traveler.  But fortunately, there are a few things you can do to avoid stress while traveling.

Avoiding Stress Starts With Good Planning

1. Initially, much stress can be avoided with proper planning. Problems are going to come up in the course of a trip that are unavoidable, so if you can eliminate as many of these potential problems as possible prior to your trip, you will be able to better take on the annoyances you can’t control. Prepare for all scenarios. Shortly before the trip, consult to get a forecast of where you are going, and pack accordingly. Another source to use is Trip, which will give you reviews on hotels and restaurants you may plan to use. Typically I print out our itinerary, and all relevant codes, deals and directions that we will need, and have the information backed up on the cell phone.


2. Map out your travel information. When using a rental car, be sure to have all of your insurance documentation with you, and a good idea of where you will be driving. When using public transportation, don’t wait until you get there to figure it out. Language barriers and lack of local knowledge can cause enough problems, so it is always good to have a plan going in.

3. Pack light and smart.  Getting through airport security can be tricky, so understand that liquids or metal objects can cause issues, and pack them in your checked luggage. For long trips, rather than over packing with everything you will need, plan to do laundry somewhere around that halfway mark of your trip and cut down substantially on clothing. Determine beforehand dress requirements in the restaurants you have reserved. If you don’t have to pack a suit or women’s evening wear for only one night’s use, it may be easier to leave those clothes at home.

4. Have something to do during down time.  There will always be times when you will have to wait for a train, plane, or experience unexpected delays, so bring reading material and get earphones and listened to music. It helps pass the time, and music can be a huge stress reliever. However, I would caution against having earphones when on the move, as those will be the times when all of your senses must be in full operational mode.

5. Eat properly.  Nothing can cause stress worse than not feeling right, and lack of water and a major change in diet can contribute to that. When we travel, we feel that “eating what the locals eat” is an important part of getting to know the culture of where we are visiting, but we realize we must be practical. Be sure you are getting the right foods, as fruits and vegetables are a part of the diet in any culture.

One of the most important ways to avoid stress while traveling is to always try to be early. Fighting the clock as well as the unexpected can cause more stress than anything. But if you can eliminate these five causes of stress while traveling, your vacation will be all you dreamed it will be.  For more information on vacationing in Florida, please visit our site for interesting things to do in the Sunshine State.



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