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Amtrak Coupon Codes

Amtrak Coupon Codes- An Excellent Way to Save Money

When comparing price to different modes of travel, it can become quite complex due to the wide price ranges of travel tickets today.  As gas prices continue to rise, and over the long-term will continue to do so, and car parking fees escalates, we no longer assume auto travel will always be the cheapest. Comparing airline tickets fares to Amtrak tickets, it is hard to make a valid price comparison.  That is where Amtrak coupon codes may make the difference.

Amtrak coupon codes offer a wide array of discounts on Amtrak tickets when making purchases online. Just enter the four digit alphanumeric code in the promotion code box during the online reservation process. They also may be used when ordering over the phone, ordering in person at the station, or through the Quik-Trak machine.

Amtrak Now Covers 46 States

Amtrak, now servicing 500 destinations in 46 states and three Canadian provinces, increases its ridership every year. The benefits over air or car travel, from saving time to reducing stress, have become apparent in many areas of the United States, particularly in the Northeast Corridor where the heaviest ridership is in and out New York City. On these shorter jaunts between Metropolitan Areas in the New England and Mid Atlantic States, there may definitely be a substantial savings in time, particularly in light of the terminals being close to the city centers, as opposed to airports by necessity located quite a distance from downtown areas.

Here Are Some Groups where Amtrak Coupon Codes will Apply

– Military- 10% off for active duty, plus spouses and dependents.

– Veterans- 15% off with Veteran Advantage card.

Seniors– 15% off for passengers over 62.

– Students- 15% off with student identity card.

– Children- 50% off ages 2-15, under two ride free.

– Group discounts- up to 20% off for groups of 20 or more.

These are just a few of the ways you can take advantage of Amtrak Coupon Codes. Additionally, their guest reward’s program is a great way to earn points towards upgraded fares, complimentary train tickets, and more. Also, weekly specials and other types of discounts offer a variety of additional promotions. Simply after selecting a particular promotion, click the “book it now” in the right hand column to activate it.

Considering travel trends in many parts of the world, train travel is taking on a greater importance in travel options. In heavily populated metropolitan areas in the United States it is becoming a more viable option every year, and the Federal Government has expressed a desire to invest more funds in rail infrastructure. With Amtrak Coupon Codes helping defray the costs of Amtrak tickets, all travelers should consider this as an option.





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